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GoRuck GR2 Backpack Review

This bag is built like a tank and I think it’s one of the best looking bags out there. Simple, minimal, bulletproof aesthetic, excellent materials and build quality, and enough space to carry your sh*t!

It needs to be said again: this is the kind of bag that will last you your entire life… your kids will fight over it when you die.

And it needs to be said again: I love the look of this bag! I don’t know what it is… do I feel like I’m not masculine enough? Do I need a heavy duty military looking bag to make me feel better about myself? Is this the modern day equivalent of a little red sports car? I like to think that it’s the minimalistic, no bullshit, completely focused aesthetic of this bag that I like so much. But that may just be some weak justification. I don’t care. I love it anyways.

It comes in 2 sizes: the 34L and the 40L. The 40L is massive. So, unless you’re really big-framed or really need to fit a crap-ton of stuff, I recommend going with the 34L.

There is one drawback for me on this bag: the quick access pocket in the front of the bag could be a little easier to get in and out of. I talk about that in the video. This, to me, really sucks. I personally wish there were a couple smaller pouches on the front of the bag, easier to get it into stuff. But it’s also just a part of the simple, clear, streamline aesthetic.

The bag will last you forever, the look is classic, the warranty is killer… you throw it on and you’re ready to go.

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