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Heimplanet Transit Travel Pack Review

A really solid feeling bag with lots of pockets both inside and outside the bag and enough capacity for the minimal traveler.

  • Great feeling materials. Thick, durable, water resistant outer shell, solid zips and pulls, great straps and back padding. It all adds up to a nice, dense, quality feeling in packing and traveling with the bag.
  • A sleek-tech kind of look to the bag. The kind of thing Tony Stark or Elon Musk acolytes might feel very comfortable in (this is a compliment to the style, not a dig).
  • Capacity is “medium” 1-bag travel to me; in the same category as the Minaal Carry On. So, it’s neither a large travel bag or a small one. Makes it great for minimal travel, not so great as a daily carry bag once you get to your destination.
  • 2 Medium pockets on the outside of the bag, laptop pocket, two zipped medium organizing pockets inside the bag, one large main compartment for clothing.
  • Ultimately a very capable bag that can be a travel companion for years to come. I just wish it was either bigger or smaller.

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