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Minaal Carry On Backpack Review

This is the bag that started it all for me. First of all it looks great. The design of this bag is sleek and thoughtful, with very minimal, tasteful branding.

Second of all it’s designed and built great. The thoughtfulness that went into the design and features of this bag is clearly apparent when you use it. The materials they chose, the solutions they found, etc., smart cookies!

Then, the tech organization on the back of this guy is pretty damn great too. You keep everything tech in the very back of this bag, which means it’s up against your back. Not the most comfortable place (Tom Bihn’s Synapse 25, for example, places the laptop in the center of the bag) but it does help keep the weight distributable across your back. The tech organization in this thing is pretty dope tho.

Then the capacity, I’d say, is solid. The bag is designed not to be the biggest bag, but to be great to travel with. It lives up to its objective. I will say that when the bag is packed out it’s awful hard to get stuff in and out of the quick access pockets at the top of the bag. And because the capacity isn’t massive… it’s almost always packed out.

There are very few bags out there that make you feel this good when you travel. I think that’s a result of the materials they use and the thoughtful design decisions they’ve made. I just wish I could get them to give me an affiliate link so I can feed my family a little from promoting this bag!

The ultimate challenge with this bag, of course, is that it does not work as a daily carry bag once you get to your final destination. It’s floppy and much bigger than you’d like it to be. This is ultimately why I started looking for other bags.

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