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Qwstion Simple Daily Carry Bags Review

Brand: Qwstion
Bag Uses: Daily Carry
Features:    Affordable   Looks Good   Packable

Qwstion is a product design studio in Zurich Switzerland who makes very stylish bags for the “hipper” areas of town without sacrificing functionality.

There’s three daily carry bags I focus on in the video, all of which I really like as daily carry bags because they have enough pockets for my dongles AND they look dope.

In the video I showcase three bags:

  • The Simple Pack — go with this one if you want something really minimal and understated.
  • The Simple Office — excellent for both backpack and briefcase look, and one of my favorite pocket configurations.
  • And the Day Tote — a little more roomy with an innovative handle/strap feature.

I haven’t found anything better for a minimal, understated but still stylish daily carry.

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