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Holiday gift Guide

Favorite gifts for men and women who love quality goods for daily carry and travel.

Chase Reeves is a professional bag person and creator of the Chase Reeves YouTube channel.

Holiday deals right now:

Here are some companies that have massive deals going right now:

Black Ember  —  GoRuck  —  Peak Design  —  Trakke  —  Evergoods  

Bags for Daily Carry:

Tom Bihn Synapse 25

One of the best backpacks of all time.

x — killer for so many uses.

x — incredibly thoughtful organization

x — insanely well built

Evergoods CPL24

The ultimate slimline daily carry.

x — Slimline, perfect size for minimal daily carry

x — Sophisticated minimal organization

x — Exceptional materials + build quality

Bellroy Shift

Stylish and technical and lovely to use.

The most stylish daily carry that can do both minimal and maximal daily carry. Made well AND designed well AND stylish AND techy AND excellent to use.

Mission Workshop Rhake Backpack

Sophisticated urban daypack.

x — Extremely well built

x — Insane organization

x — Ridiculous weather resistance

x — just feels so damn quality

Filson 24 hour Briefcase

The perfect daily brief.

My favorite briefcase by a long shot. Utterly stylish with excellent build quality and materials. A delight to use.

Boundary Supply Errant

The best low-key, high-tech backpack.

x — Amazing chill, low-key look for all the tech

x — Insane organization

x — Protection + padding without looking weird

x — Solid weather resistance

For The Everyday Adventure man

Boundary Supply Prima Backpack

x — Insane tech organization + features

x — Brilliant fabrics, straps, clips and buttons

x — Modular tech and camera setup

Bags for Travel:

Tight, techy + pro

Peak Design Travel Bag

x — Insanely useful organization

x — Slick looks in a carry-on size 

x — Has literally allllll the features (seriously)

x — Perfect for professional travelers

Topo Travel Bag

Stylish, capable, perfectly simple

x — Modern old-school look

x — Just the right amount of organization

x — Comes in either 30L + 40L sizes

x — Insanely durably built

Techy Adventure bag

Nomatic Travel Backpack

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Huge & Comfy

Tortuga Setout

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Pakt 1 Travel Duffel

An absolutely stylish and well designed bag for the discerning lady or gentleman. Lots of travel features and beautiful materials.

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Sennheiser PXC-550 Bluetooth Headphones

I reviewed the 5 best bluetooth Noise Cancelling headphones and these were basically the winner. Watch the review.

Buy: amazon, 365 day return

Travel Battery Pack

Anker PowerCore 20100mAh, slim, portable, tons of power.

Buy: amazon

Go-Anywhere bluetooth speaker

Ultimate Ears Roll 2, I’ve used lots of speakers and I keep coming back to this one. 

Buy: amazon

Dragonfly Red Headphone Dac

For anyone who takes headphones seriously, this little stick can make a big difference.

Buy: amazon, 365 day return

Etymotic ER4SR in-Ear Monitors

Forget noise canceling, put these babies in and hear every goddam nuance… and no noise.

Buy: amazon, 365 day return


Chrome Brannan Travel Pant

This pair of pants is so comfortable, stretchy and technical. Excellent for traveling when you want to be on the move AND hecka comfortable.


Western Rise AirLoft Quilted Jacket

My go-to travel jacket. One jacket to rule them all. Stylish, warm, comfortable, perfect.


Western Rise X Cotton Stretch Oxford 

My favorite oxford by a long shot. Soft, strong, and built to move. 


Lem’s Barefoot Boot

Scientist have not yet determined why these boots are so comfortable. My favorite barefoot shoe to date.


Travel accessories

Peak Design Packing Cubes

My favorite packing cubes. They come in two sizes, compress, have a dirty clothes compartment… excellent stuff.


Bellroy Pouches

These are some excellent pouches for daily carry, tech, makeup, whatever. I have one of each kind and find myself switching around throughout the year.


Bellroy 3-card Phone case

This is the only case I use for my iPhone X… 3 cards is just enough for me and may work perfect for you as well.


Aer Dopp Kit

My Dopp Kit of choice, it’s a small bag (essential for my travel needs) but has plenty of organization (also essential).


Peak Design Wash Bag

Great little washbag, though it’s a little big for me. (I go with the Aer Dopp Kit).


Peak Design Tech Pouch

Seriously the best little tech pouch ever. So ridiculously good.


Baron Fig Notebooks

My notebooks of choice


My Favorite Nice pen

Retro 51 Tornado. So juicy an smooooooth.


Packable Daypack

Tortuga’s Setout Packable Daypack is one of the best I’ve found for general use.


A great cooperative game

Hanabi is an excellent game, and it fits easily in a travel bag!


TSA Safe Multi-tool

The “Style PS” from Leatherman is TSA safe. A great travel companion.


For your health

Four Sigmatic Focus Shot & Chaga Coffee

These little packets are KILLER to travel with. Excellent support for immunity, blood sugar levels, and more. Respect the mushroom!


Askinosie Year of Chocolate

My favorite chocolate maker to date. Such a smooth mouth feel, delicious rich taste from the real deal chocolate farmers.



A gift certificate or a specific course here could be an excellent gift.