The Best Packable Backpacks

There’s an art to finding the right small bag to pack INSIDE your travel bag… a packable bag, if you will.

Here’s what we think about:

  • Thin + compact? — We don’t want it taking up a bunch of space in the bag.
  • Enough room? — Can it fit everything you need for daily carry when you arrive?
  • The right look? — Does it scream “I’m a tourist!” to everyone you encounter?
  • Enough organization? — Do you have what you need in terms of organization?

Watch this video to learn about the best packable backpacks:

Timecode + links to each bag:

Honorable mention: (i.e., didn’t have these when I filmed this)

  • Tortuga Setout Packable Backpack — double water bottles!
  • Riut Crush — don’t have an affiliate with them yet, but this one’s pretty great. Protects you from pick pockets! Really great materials and some extra organization too.

Travel Well Like This

We highly recommend 1-bag travel… there’s nothing like the freedom that comes with this style of travel.

And we’ve got a 1-bag travel bag buyer’s guide to help you think through your bag purchase.

Now, with the packable bag of your choice, you can go for a larger travel bag, fit ALL your stuff AS WELL AS one of these bags above to use as a daily carry.

Clear eyes, full hearts, booked tickets… can’t lose, you guys. Happy travels!

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Created by Chase Reeves