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Chase’s Favorite Travel Snack Foods

Traveling with SOLID snacks can make the whole experience of travel better.

Here’s some of my favorite snacks to have in bulk so I can grab and go whenever I need them:

  • RX Bars — my go-to snack bar these days. I prefer things with more seeds and nuts, personally, but this ingredient list is killer and I always feel great.
  • Epic Bars Variety Pack — these are the rich, wholistic protein source I’ve always got in my bag right now. Even when they don’t taste good, they feel like real food.
  • Nick’s Sticks — super high quality meat sticks… grass fed beef, pastured birds, minimal processing, no chemical bullshit.
  • Brooklyn Biltong — from all my research this is apparently basically the best “jerky” you can get… extremely natural, extremely simple, extremely nourishing.
  • Bulk Trailmix — It’s from your super market! get it in bulk. Have a separate bag at home that you fill and take on the go. Get some seeds and nuts in you!
  • Raw Superfoods Trail Mix — if you can’t do the bulk thing (possibly a lot cheaper!), here’s a good trail mix to get on amazon.

I’ll add to this list over time, but that’s it for now.

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Created by Chase Reeves