Chase Reeves, founder of

The right bag is a delight on a daily basis

My friends didn’t have time to research and find the right bag for themselves, so I started doing it for them.

Daily Carry Bags

My people need good bags to use on the daily… when the bag is right, you know it.

Common Mistakes:
x – deficient organization
x – poor build quality
x – shitty aesthetics

Carry-on Travel Bags

Forget the wheels, go hands-free and cover the stairs and cobblestones as they come.

Common Mistakes:
x – over packing
x – uncomfortable carry
x – poor organization

Hybrid Travel Bags

One bag for both travel and daily carry. These are the best options for many pro travelers.

Common Mistakes:
x – not enough capacity
x – cheezy aesthetics
x – poor organization

Packable Bags

Throw one of these in your travel bag to have a functional daily carry bag once you reach your destination.

Common Mistakes:
x – too bulky/heavy
x – too thin/fiddly
x – no pockets

Photography Bags

Which bag is best for your style of photography carry? I compare and contrast the best out there to help you make your decision.

Common Mistakes:
x – cumbersome in use
x – multiple steps to remove camera
x – no protection

Travel Accessories

In travel, you gotta have what you need when you need it… but you can ONLY bring what you REALLy need.

Common Mistakes:
x – over packing
x – wrong tool for the job
x – doesn’t last long