Bitchin' Accessories, Bro

For planes, trains and trails, we need accessories that work for us. Here’s my curated list of accessories you should know about.

The best Packing Cubes:

I live by these things… literally. My wife, kids and I travel full time and this is how we organize our bags.

The Best Pouches & Pen Cases

The right internal organization makes the days move easy. Here’s my favorite.
Side by Side Travel Packer

Other pouches and cases you may want to check out:

  • Large BUBM Double Layer — cheezy branding, but satisfactory organization, and a larger, two-layer size.
  • BUBM Medium (or Pro Case) — double layer, medium/small size, works fine. Pro Case has a bit better branding and they’re basically the same thing.

The Best Wash Bags & Dopp Kits

You gotta bring your toothbrush, right? My biggest tip: go more minimal… if you can.

The Best Laptop Sleeves

Depending on your bag, you may need one of these.
Code10 Sleeve... pretty damn good
YNOT Sleeve... *Solid*, integrates with their bags. I've used it a ton and love it because it's simple, not bulky.
Tom Bihn Sleeve... maybe too simple, BUT integrates with their bags with rails!

Packable Bags

Throw one of these in your travel bag to have a functional daily carry bag once you reach your destination.

Common Mistakes:
x – too bulky/heavy
x – too thin/fiddly
x – no pockets

The Best Slings & Bumbags

A solid fanny pack might just change your life.


The great things that come in the bag with us.

My Favorite Water Bottle

Simple, easy, never let you down. I like to be able to see how much water is inside, so I stay away from metal.


Roost Laptop Stand

I take this thing around to the cafe, seriously. It makes that much of a difference for my neck  + posture.

Buy: amazon

Baron Fig Notebooks

My notebooks of choice


Bellroy 3-card Phone case

This is the only case I use for my iPhone X… 3 cards is just enough for me and may work perfect for you as well.


Wellness Formula

I hit it hard the moment I feel a little scratch in the throat. Works great in travel.


OXO Electronics Cleaning Brush

Great for computers, cameras, lenses, keyboards, etc.


My Favorite Affordable Nice pen

Retro 51 Tornado. So juicy and smooooooth.


TSA Safe Multi-tool

The “Style PS” from Leatherman is TSA safe. A great travel companion.


Bellroy Wallets

I mean, these are actually the most innovative wallets I’ve encountered… still.


Glif iPhone Clip

Puts my phone on a tripod or gorillapod. Works excellent.


Sennheiser PXC-550 Bluetooth Headphones

I reviewed the 5 best bluetooth Noise Cancelling headphones and these were basically the winner. Watch the review.

Buy: amazon, 365 day return

Travel Battery Pack

Anker PowerCore 20100mAh, slim, portable, tons of power.

Buy: amazon

Go-Anywhere bluetooth speaker

Ultimate Ears Roll 2, I’ve used lots of speakers and I keep coming back to this one.

Buy: amazon

Dragonfly Red Headphone Dac

For anyone who takes headphones seriously, this little stick can make a big difference.

Buy: amazon, 365 day return

Etymotic ER4SR in-Ear Monitors

Forget noise canceling, put these babies in and hear every goddam nuance… and no noise.

Buy: amazon, 365 day return