My Favorite Tech Slings & Fanny Packs

My Favorite Tech Slings & Fanny Packs

Slings and fanny packs are excellent ways to carry some extra stuff on you without carrying too much of a bag with you.

Below is a list of my favorite slings and fanny packs for you to check out.

But first, watch this video! 

  1. 2:09 3V Gear Shift Urban Sling:
  2. 5:17 The Aer Travel Sling:
  3. 10:20 Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L:
  4. 14:43 Greenroom 136 Metromonger:
  5. 20:57 Aer Tech Sling:
  6. 25:32 Funk Street:
  7. 29:53 Lowe Pro Terraclime
  8. 32:12 Mystery Ranch Hip Monkey:
  9. 35:30 Aer Day Sling:
  10. 37:34 Gud Waist Bag OVRSZD:
  11. 39:38 Heimplanet Transit Sling:
  12. 41:52 North Fanny Pack:
  13. 44:20 Trakke Bum Bag:

Other bags not in the video: 

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Created by Chase Reeves