BagWorks started to help people find the bag that works. Everybody carries differently and needs something different from their bags. This is where we categorize bags by those needs so you can find what you’re looking for.

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Finding a good bag can be frustrating. There are so many options today! And I always felt like “hey, I like this bag, but maybe there’s a better one out there?”

So I wanted to create a place where anyone can come and be exposed to excellent bags available to everyone in a friendly, honest, zero-bullshit kind of way.

Chase Reeves wears sweaters and hats while he drinks beer.

Hi, my name is Chase Reeves and I love bags. About 5 years ago I started reviewing my bags on youtube. Since then the channel has grown exponentially with my exposure to new bags and wisdom about bags.

Yes, I just hinted to the idea of “bag wisdom.” I didn’t even blush about it. You know why? Cuz I’ve talked with thousands of people through the youtube channel and PEOPLE CARE ABOUT THEIR BAGS.

So we all need a little wisdom when it comes to our bag choices.

You see, bags enable your life… they equip you. For some they need to be equipped for a day hike in the city they live in. For others, they need to be equipped for a multi-month trip.

I remember the first time I did mushrooms. I was going to hike in a park in Portland, but I needed a bag. Something that could hold all my shit and keep it organized so I wouldn’t lose my mind when I was in some altered state! That’s some serious equipping right there.

But you don’t need illicit substances to see how much a bag matters. Whether it’s for function or style, for daily carry or intense travel, we all have an innate sense of why our bags matter to us.

So, yea, anyways, that’s why I started reviewing bags… which is what eventually led to this site.

It’s hard to know which bag to buy when you’re researching online. My goal here at BagWorks is just to make that decision clear as crystal, without any buyers remorse… 

… so you can enjoy your trip.

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Created by Chase Reeves